Sunday, December 30, 2007

Flash Notes

Anyone serious about writing and getting published? These are my top 3 Websites or Blog's: Avoid them at your own risk. (Whaa?)

1. Author! Author! :: Anne Mini's Blog
This blog explodes with real enthusiasm, sincerity, and humor. Anne covers just about everything you need to know about getting published. I highly recommend her points of view on the industry.

2. Flogging The Quill
Want to improve your dialogue? Take a chance and post some of your work on this site hosted by Ray Rhamey and you just might get a public flogging of your own. Good stuff!

3. A Story is a Promise
This site hosted by Bill Johnson is by far the best I've seen when it comes to helping you with your openings. (Yes, I mean your novel openings people.) His essays on novels and screenplays are superb.

All these links are located on my BEST LINKS LIST, on the right--somewhere down yonder. Thank me later. Which reminds me, I removed the Forum since no one was interested. Anyone in favor of a guestbook at least? (crickets) Hey, it's all in good fun folks, don't be shy. Nothing serious or life-threatening. We're not trying to change the world--just hoping the world changes us--for the better. Amen.

More to come soon. Don't get your silk thongs in a bunch ladies. Guys--whatever. Happy New Year! Easy on the Mojito's. Godspeed.