Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What The?

Hey, just a few funny notes. My 2 year old just handed me his loaded diaper. That's right, for all of you who don't know this, they want to start toilet training between 1.5 and 2 years of age. And if you're not up to it, they have a good way of reminding you.

Anyway, it must have been around that same time (When Alex handed me his loaded diaper) when I lost my thought and had a massive brain fart. was more like a brain stroke as I now recall. Which leads me to my point. I'll be updating my opening chapter for the zillionth time. So by next week you'll be reading some new stuff. (if you're interested) I just re-wrote some of my narrative, switching point of view somewhat.

Hell if I know what I'm doing. It seems that every day I make some changes to something. It's like a living, breathing, organism that doesn't want to die. I'll give it 3 more months, tops. Take it or leave it, it's going to press. I'll also be updating my Book Trailer...again. Who even cares? I just thought I'd put all this out there in case anyone is interested. I realize one of the hardest things in life is talking about yourself. I hate it.

But, by airing out my dirty little secrets will give you insight to how all this will play out. My life is one big experiment after another. Some day I'll mix the right chemicals and...presto. Poof!
(I know, too many episodes of the Fairly Odd Parents)

Check out Brooke Fraser's new Album "Albertine". The video is on your right. She's gorgeous and brilliant and can even make legalease sound beautiful. A pristine voice from NZ. Enjoy.

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