Friday, May 29, 2009

“A Death for Beauty” A Debut Novel by A.R. Arias

Okay folks, as part of my shameless self-promotion tour, I’m announcing the official publication of my debut novel, now available on If you’d like to find out more about it, there’s plenty of info on this Blogspot (Duh!) and on my website, of course.


Let me just say that I’m glad this is over with. I mean, getting to the point of featuring my novel on Amazon. I know I have an uphill battle to promote it and get things going, but as I’ve said before, for the most part, I’ve written this novel for my children as a way to encourage them to explore literature and possibly write their own books. But of course it would be foolish to let a product sit there idle after all this work so I intend to sell as many as I can, but I won’t be devastated if I don’t.


I think they’ll enjoy the story whenever they’re ready for it. They don’t even know it’s published and I don’t intend to let them know until they’re much older. I realize they don’t have the time to read novels these days, especially a heavy-handed tome by their father. But it’s out there and I’m thrilled to get it done. I’ve accomplished my goal after several years of intense work and I’m on to the next thing, and whatever that is in my list of projects remains to be seen. Plenty of stuff on the backburner and if I can survive this horrendous heart surgery, I’ll be back pounding my keyboard after a much needed break from writing.


So, if you get a chance, check out this unusual story, set during the Civil War and it's populated with some interesting characters. The story revolves around a murder mystery, but at its core, it is really about death and life and it's filled with many relevant literary references and other motifs. I’m proud of it (depending on my mood) and I’m betting that anyone who likes this kind of story will enjoy it. I think it has a lot to offer in so many ways. Enjoy the words.

Alberto R. Arias

author, “A Death for Beauty”

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Next Monday’s Post will be short, but comes with a link to an amazing website. Whether you’re looking to self-publish or just learn about publishing in general, this is a great place to start. Come on back and check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Alberto! I love the cover and wish you much success!