Monday, August 3, 2009

Click My Lit

With a name (anagram) like that, what else do you need? Well, for starters, a gorgeous face to go with it. Meet Erin, a very savvy and witty red-head with a great sense of humor and altruistic tendencies. (easy now) She likes to promote self-published authors on her Blog ClickMyLit. I peeped (forgive me, but what other word can go with "tweets") her Tweets (d.e. not intentional) and just couldn't resist finding out more about the blog and who was behind it. She's a sweetheart, check out her Blog and say hello. And if you have a book to promote, she just might feature it on CML.

Just let her know that ProseFreak sent you, you hear me. (That last part is an old expression from the Barrio. Roll with it folks, it's all I got for now.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jeff Bezos - Is He Money Hungry?

And the answer to that would be a huge, resounding, neon flashing in gigantic red letters, YES! You bet he is. Not only is Bezos money hungry, but he aspires to become the richest and most powerful man in the whole wide world. Something like the Sultan of Brunei, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet all rolled into one. What will he do with all this power and wealth BTW? Well, he’ll try to promote and sell shiploads of Kindles, of course.

You know, don’t ask me, but for some reason, Jeff Bezos thinks that the Kindle is the best contraption known to humankind. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Kindle is a good idea, but can you put some color into the damn thing for crying out loud? Now that would be ground-breaking! A new technology that would add full color, maybe even high def to the B&W Kindle and still cost only about $300 a piece. When you get to that milestone Mr. Bezos, I’ll by half a dozen Kindles and praise you from here till Kingdom come. Meanwhile, I’m not falling for it so forget it!

Okay, okay, what am I so huffed about? Oh, nothing really, just want to pick on Jeff Bezos, he’s such an easy target plus I hate the stupid Kindle too. Sue me Bezos, I could use the publicity, and I’d be glad to hand over the only piece of property I have left to my name, which happens to be this cheap-ass Gateway laptop that has a broken hinge BTW. You can have this beauty and revel in its splendor all day long, unless I fling it across the room and smash it to tiny pieces before the courts award it to you. Now that’s hilarious, if I say so myself. Laugh Jeff, it’s a joke!
All right, let me get to the real problem folks. First, I was born. Then, I was born again. But as Huck Finn would say, ‘I didn’t see nothin’ to it, so I let it go.’ Not true, but it sounds good right about now.

Jeff Bezos, WTF is going on with (USA) ? For the love of God, I can even log on to Amazon in Japan,, and every other Amazon on the planet, except the one I really need to log onto. Sure, could be my cheap-ass laptop, but I doubt it. Hey, I’m now buying from B&N, Target, and others. Check my purchasing stats for Amazon, they’re down to zero for the past month. You’ve just lost a customer Bezos. Is that what you really want? And to top it off, I couldn’t enter the godforsaken Amazon Ad Contest for the chance to win $20,000 worth of Amazon Gift Cards. Wow-wee,what a gyp!

Here’s the basis of my title for this Post. You better believe Bezos is money hungry folks. Lord forbid he gives away $20,000 precious American dollars with no strings attached. No way, he wants his money back! Hard to believe, but so true. This is shameful! Bezos, have a heart brother. You’re a billionaire many times over. Can’t you spare 2 cents? I pity the poor homeless!