Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here are the amazing before and after photos of Maria Schneider:

You can see the dramatic difference since 1972, at age fifty-five. The smile is gone, her defenses are up, but we can still see that lovely, baby face under her guarded expression.

Ms. Schneider has not aged so much as she has changed her mind about posing nude.

Not only does she regret making this movie, but she believes it has ruined her chances for legitimate roles. That is a shame because I think she is a very good actress/actor, but unfortunately she believes she needs to prove otherwise.

This sort of thing happens all too often, where young actresses are comfortable in front of a camera in the nude and then eventually have a change of heart for whatever reasons. They think it diminishes them as women, and in the eyes of other women and some men in particular, that may well be the case, but it is not the predominant viewpoint.

In my opinion, I think that Maria has nothing to be ashamed of and she performed her role in a professional manner with dignity and respect for her craft. Today, she uses no make-up and poses in such a closed manner that we can only imagine what she is still going through.

From the outside looking in, and from a male point of view, we think she should simply carry on with her life and forget the so-called stigma associated with her past. But in reality, trauma like this needs nurturing and a great deal of attention and counseling so that old wounds will slowly begin to heal.

I hope Ms. Schneider finds her way to healing soon. She certainly deserves it, and always seems to find enough humor to deflect her painful past.
"I love to cook, but I don't use any butter. Only olive oil." she says.


Upcoming Review: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Okay, I've had it with the publishing industry, because even though what I'm going to say is true, it tends to diminish the work of one of my literary mentors. (CM of course) But, have no fear folks, true-to-form, I'll end my review on an upbeat note.

Okay, here's the premise: This story centers around a man and his son who try to survive against clans of marauders in the midst of a nuclear winter.

Don't we already know what the story is all about? My upcoming review will blow the lid off that Logline.