Friday, December 9, 2011

Mixed News if You Self Publish

Anyone could have seen this coming. In fact, it's nothing new, publishers have always invested more into hardcover versions of books with the reasoning that readers collect them.

Now they've gone all out with book covers in hopes of luring readers away from eReading devices. I think publishers are on the right track, although if most readers are anything like me, they collect hardcover books and still buy the digital versions as well.

The major drawback is for self-publishers who cannot afford nor do they have the resources to produce these kinds of covers. I've asked CreateSpace if they're going to print uncoated, or matte (not shiny) book jackets or give the option to coat portions of the cover or offer embossing, but they have no plans to offer these options in paperback or offer hardcover versions. Hopefully that will change.

I think the main problem is obviously the cost factor. Hardcover books offered by outfits such as LULU, are already too costly and I doubt they'll be adding premium printing options such as embossing, coating, and gold or silver foil to their covers.

So what does this all mean to independent publishers like you and me? We're screwed for now but all things in life are subject to change, hopefully for the better.

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