Sunday, September 16, 2012


OK folks, I've been away very busy working and taking care of business, as usual. It seems I'm busier retired than when I worked a 12 hour shift 6 days a week, but no complaints here. I have plenty of down time despite the challenges freelance work can bring.

During my time off I've had the pleasure of reading some fantastic books. Only a handful though, I seem to get more selective about what I read in the spare time I have, which is not much these days. Here's a story that will brighten your life. The trick is, you have to finish it. Let's face it, many books get started but never finished for whatever reasons (usually readers lose interest).

Fran Grubb's book, Cruel Harvest is hard to put down so finishing it is easy and very rewarding, especially since the ending is the best part. I'd previously mentioned another memoir (Tiger, Tiger) with a similar topic of child abuse, however these books couldn't be more different.

Staying away from raw and explicit language, Cruel Harvest manages to grip you with heartbreaking scenes that simply leave you breathless, with a longing to intervene and make things right for these helpless victims who are each courageous in their own way throughout such a horrifying ordeal.

If you like stories that move you and touch your soul in a positive way, there are few stories that have the power to do that. I encourage you to read Cruel Harvest for an experience you won't soon forget.

See my Amazon review below and follow the link for more interesting reviews.


Some stories hit you like lightning, while others slowly seep into your mind and soul with a permanence that's hard to shake. Cruel Harvest was such a story for me.

Based on some reviews I thought this would be a very graphic story, and while some passages are explicit, Fran Grubb has opted not to sensationalize these very traumatic events in her life. She tells her story straight from the heart from page one and slowly grips you with an ensemble of endearing siblings you'll never forget.

The difficult part is not reading this story, but not being there to stop this very troubled man she calls "Daddy," from perpetrating senseless brutality on women and on his helpless young daughters.

Cruel Harvest is a truly gut-wrenching story that will stay with you long after you've read the last pages but for good reasons, as its ending is positive and uplifting in the most memorable way.

I truly loved this book and highly recommend you read it not for its harrowing details, but for its beautiful and redemptive ending that makes up for its many scenes of misfortune with an amazing example of spirituality, all in the name of forgiveness.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


 Here's a book that's sure to stir up your emotions. Remember to have tissues nearby for this one. I'll be reviewing Cruel Harvest by Fran Grubb next month, right here, so mark your calendars.