Saturday, December 29, 2007

"A Death for Beauty"

This is the third title change for my new novel, previously titled "A Time of Redemption". The cover artwork is also different as a result. The reason for the change is that this new title is far more curious and obscure. It alludes to something, which is much more interesting, as opposed to its former title which played off the Book of Ecclesiastes and was straight forward. This time, the title is inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, "I Died for Beauty...but was scarce".

Another reason for the change is that I had planned to publish this novel for the Christian Market. Therefore, some of the dialogue has also changed to reflect its new position in the marketplace. Why the shift? In a word, controversy. Sure you can have controversy with a religious theme, however, I felt that the subject matter and most of the dialogue is acceptable within both markets anyway. Also, since it's a short novel, it will fit better under the Mainstream Fiction Category. (Duh, what did I just say? Hell if I know.)

It's the same, new and improved story, different slant. That's marketing for you. I'll have to change all the trailers too. OOOFA!