Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Book Trailer "A Death For Beauty"

Check out the new trailer for the novel "A Death For Beauty". The main difference is the ending which shows the new book cover and a tag for Freedom Rivers Press. Enjoy!

Also, the Chapter Previews have been activated, so you can read the new opening in Chapter one. It's worth a read. Later on I'll tell my secret about the source that gave me new insights for openings like this.

It's a hell of a process folks. Learning the tricks of the trade, that is. Let's face it, if aspiring new writers want to break through all the clutter and stand a chance at getting published legitimately, we have to give agents and editors just what they're looking for. Nothing more or nothing less. It's like a rite of passage kind of thing. You get the idea. After first publication, then we can probably get away with openings like Ken Follet's in "Pillars of the Earth". Something about "Tom building a house". Not very provocative, makes you want to fling the book across the room. But it does get better folks. Much later. Too late if you were an unpublished writer seeking representation. But there you have it. Put in some sweat equity up front, then you can write your own ticket later on, if you want.

Let me hear what you think. Don't be lazy, I mean shy, I meant shy, really. Drop me a comment.

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