Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does Your Book Cover Fit The Market?

Yes, I did it again. I tweaked the cover at least for the Hardcover version of my novel. Take a look below and see what I mean. Here's the ice-cream scoop. And BTW I've always been aware of this, but sometimes one is married to a certain design and you can't part with it. Although I've always wanted to make both the paperback and hardcover a little different, they almost looked identical so I finally decided to "do the right thing" (whatever that is). Let's not forget, I don't have all the answers, of course, and I'm winging it most of the time. (Plus my brain blinks on and off too much.)

Anyway, since my novel is "literary", (laughter here) and who would guess that a wise-cracking, smart-ass like me could pen a literary tome? Well, I'm bi-polar, or something like that. Who can even say that it masquerades as literary? Judge for yourself. I think it works. Maybe literary with shades of magical realism and dark satire all rolled into one. Who even cares?

At any rate, the cover should look like a librarian designed it. Somewhat stale, (I love librarians BTW) understated, and unadorned, I suppose. All I did was reduce the huge title and removed what I call a cameo frame, just to make it even simpler. I think it works and so I'm done with it, for now. If an agent ever gets a hold of this, I'm sure they'll suggest something that I'm really going to hate. Honestly, this is why I don't even want Lit Agents to get involved at this point. I'll be more than happy to strike out on my own. All I have to do now is sit back and watch the money roll in.


And in case you didn't notice that last remark was a JOKE. And the joke is on me. I love it.
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I think I'm due for a Mojito. And BTW, I'm not an alcoholic, I just sound like one because I keep burning the same old line. I've had enough too. (of the joke, not the drinks) Did I just break the first AA step?

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