Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Reading "Sons of God"

" Hot Buttons" That Motivate Buyers

Confession time folks. I'm not into the Fantasy Genre, (Big surprise, huh?) but I recently came across this banner ad that really intrigued me, so I clicked on it and it took me to this pretty nice website that featured the novel, Sons of God. (More about the novel and its author in a minute.) The author used a reader interface called ISSUU (Issue), which is the same one I just  installed on this Blog, and on my own website. There's nothing new about this style of reading books online, like an e-book that flips pages, but this happens to be free and it's amazing once you get the hang of it. BTW I know I'm buzzing an author and a commercial venture but who cares? It doesn't hurt me one bit and these good folks get a little publicity. 

Besides, you're going to want this interface on your site too, I promise you; and it's so easy to install too! Am I getting excited?  Good Lord, of course not. That exclamation point was just to throw you off guard. I've just checked myself and I'm in good form. Besides, I'm always as turned off and as blown-out as a Dollar Store light bulb. But you might notice a hint of "street" in my voice since I also just posted an Issue of SLR (Street Literature Review) here too. Street, as in Hip-Hop. But calm down, don't get your thongs in a bunch people, and don't trip over your flip-flops, or boat shoes; the SLR article is about how to write classic books. Unbelievable. Who knew that Hip-Hop writers were getting six figures these days? Who the hell even knew that they could write? Well they are, and they can write. Scroll down and check out the SLR Issue in a bit. Guys, there are a few honeys in there that will blow your mind, so keep it in your pants. (I know I just lost most of you right there. And a few females too. It's okay ladies, go ahead and take a peek. You know you want to.)

Okay, I've digressed long enough, haven't I?  Let me get to my point already. Okay, back to the book, Sons of God, and why I bought it. Are you ready for this one folks? Here goes. Point blank. "I was a classic victim of an impulse purchase." You know what I mean?  You see something that for some unknown reason catches your eye, peaks (piques, sic) your attention and boom! (I meant that one.) You reach for and swipe your credit card all in one fell-swoop. How shameful. How pitiful and how weak of me to succumb to such devious marketing devices...oh my.

Okay, I'll admit that was stupid, but funny, I hope. But are you starting to get my point here? Oh, BTW, what really sold me on the book, aside from its cover, (Forgive me, but my inner graphic designer betrayed me once again.) the novel teaser as the author calls it, hooked me like a giant gullible fish. But get this, and this is the freaky part; what really intrigued me was how the angel's wing stretched out, with sword in hand, ready for battle. Ingenious, I tell you. Hmm...come to think of it now, haven't I seen that before? Of course. Anyway I ordered the book off Amazon.com and it arrived in my mailbox like in three days flat. Wow, was I ready to read or what?  Thank you Amazon, I love you too.

Fact is, I had run out of new novels weeks ago. I was desparate and lonely for the company of a new book, with its pulp fiction aroma and its crisp, 40 pt. cover with coated title, and then inside...ahh, the high concept at work. It called me like a lost Siren at sea. Lured me like a blind man in McCarthy's, The Crossing. Or was it, Cities of the Plains? I always forget. But you get the idea now, don't you? It's the little things, the details that sometimes get you and make you commit, when the time is just right.  Let's face it, Rebecca Ellen Kurtz is lucky that all the moons had been aligned proper and that every star in the universe shined on her that one lonely night. She would never have made a sale otherwise. Either that or her banner ad was kick-ass too. Who knows? I think I had one Mojito too many that night.

Either way, I am happy with the book, truth be told. Although compared to the Sawtelle book, which I paid less for, Sons of God looks like a booklet. But no matter folks. I'm reading it and filtering every fantasy part out of it and re-working many of her sentences in my mind, editing the storyline, correcting typos, and let's see...well, I'm enjoying the hell out of it anyway. Sometimes, you have to make adjustments in life. This...is one of those times. Not only that, but I also buy books on the chance they'll be mega bestsellers, then I can sell them on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Not so sure how this one will do, but it 'll still look good in my bookcase.


All right, now that the schtick portion  is over with, let me comment that Ms. Kurtz' "Printers", Maximillian "Self"Publishers tried very hard to do a great job. They came very close, but no cigar folks.  I don't blame the author as much, since it's never easy proofing your own writing. Lord knows how many times I've read my damn MS and had never caught the most obvious errors. It happens all the time since nobody is perfect. Besides, sometimes we just don't get enough sleep. 

But here's the real lesson. Even self-published books can get your attention, push all the right buttons and make you commit to a purchase. But only if it's good, clever marketing and amazing presentations. That may get the job done. A combination of eye-catching graphics, proper musical scores, these are emotional triggers, plus a high concept doesn't hurt either. And that's how impulse sales are made.  

All that being said, and all kidding aside, I congratulate Rebecca Kurtz on her debut novel. She's a good writer that needs to take her time to revise and polish everything she writes until what she really wants to say shines through every time. Trust no one in publishing folks. Not easy, but not impossible.  Also, congrats to COS Productions for putting together a decent Book Trailer, finally.  Check out the Trailer in the right column.

I'll see you by the SLR issue. www.streetlitreview.com


Ths was a short, spontaneous combustion Post of insane proportions.  Now I feel much better.

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