Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who the heck is Jerry D. Simmons

Find out right now.

 Last week I had mentioned something about a link to a website, which I highly regard as a place for accurate information about the Publishing Industry and how to get your books published. If you’re thinking about self-publishing or just trying to find a way to get your books through the grinding wheels of the publishing gatekeepers, go here: 

You’ll learn the nuts and bolts, in a real world scenario, on how to go about it with less frustration. Jerry D. Simmons (author and former executive with The Time Warner Book Group) puts out plenty of good information that should steer you in the right direction. His most recent book, titled: What Writers Need to Know About Publishing, is featured throughout.


What I like about this website is that Simmons doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He gives you the cold, hard facts and pulls no punches (any more clich├ęs?). Once you get through that website, he also has another website, which is geared more towards promoting yourself and your books. Here’s the link: I have an author’s page on this site and there’s a lot you can participate in, such as writing book reviews and getting your own book reviewed. Although, let me say that I had emailed one of the reviewers about reviewing my book and never got a response from him. I suppose he was swamped with reviews, so I just left that alone. I’m sure that with a little more determination I can get my book reviewed, I just don’t have the time any more.


Either way, you’ll want to check out these very generous and informative sites from someone who knows publishing from the inside and is willing to share his knowledge and expertise. Thank you, Jerry D. Simmons.

Now you know.


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In next Monday’s Post I’m going to delve into the world of cover design. A topic that, as a graphic designer, is very near and dear to me.


The Mystery Question: Which book cover designer has earned his place in the world of book design as an “anti-designer” (my phrase). A designer whose designs John Updike had described as “monstrously ugly.” I’m sure you know some of his covers, and next week I’ll put a name and a face to the man behind the book cover design controversy and how he has influenced a generation of young designers. Believe me you don’t want to miss this Post. I have some funny video links to go with it too.