Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alberto R.Arias Author Chat on

Hey folks, I'm back, feeling great and busy as ever. I didn't expect to be away for so long but I'm finally over 2 big hurdles (2 major surgeries) and I hope to recover and literally be back on my feet within the next 6 months or less. It's hard to believe that a hip replacement is worse than open heart surgery, but it is. Still on the pain train but dealing with it.

Okay, here's what's going on. I'll be available for a Q&A and Author Chat on starting next Saturday morning, August 1st-15th. The novel is also available as a Giveaway and will appear in the Book Giveaway starting August 1st. Request the Book here for your chance to win it or any other book you might be interested in: Good luck! Book Giveaway. (I also have another talk scheduled for September 1st on

If you'd like to join me next Saturday, click on the title above and that will link you to the website where you can let me know if you can participate or not. I'm also testing some advertising on this website. I'll let you know the results next month. If it's a good place to promote you might want to check it out. So far I don't see any results of any kind but that could change once the book giveaway begins promoting it. I doubt it though.

Enter to Win a Free Copy of DFB. Wow wee Mama! Uhaaaaw! (Geeky thumbs up)

You can also enter for a chance to win a free copy of the novel during this scheduled chat period. You can increase your chances of winning if you enter another DFB Book Giveaway on too.

Here's the link for the LT DFB Book Giveaway:

I hope to meet you for the Chat next Saturday up until the 15th. Any and all questions are fair game. You can ask me anything about the novel that you've been curious about or anything about marketing, writing, graphic design, whatever you want. If you know anything about me, it's that I will make it interesting and fun and it will be time well spent.

Check out my EVENTS page for some of my new pix. I'm suppossed to be talking up a storm. Not sure if that comes across or not but I tried not getting caught making an awkward face. Come to think of it, I think I look a little like Cameron Crowe if I had longer hair. (I'm sure one of us is insulted.) He directed Vanilla Sky and Almost Famous, which BTW are two of my favorite films. My kind of Director.

Here's the link to the pix:

See you on Saturday or beyond. Yeah, I'll be there, don't you chicken out!


BTW, I have a feeling I'm going to be talking to myself for most of those chat days online since doesn't promote the Book Giveaway's in advance of the Giveaway date like LibraryThingy does, where I already have 150 requests for the novel with over a month to go before the Chat begins on September 1st. By the time the Chat starts, hundreds of people will already be familiar with the book and more likely to discuss it online. Then again who knows, it may be a cricket festival after all.

Either way I'll survive at least until the next gorgeous sunrise dawns over the Yunque Mountains in sunny Puerto Rico. It's always like a dream come true.

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BTW, next Monday I'll be Posting an ad I put together for the Amazon Ad Contest, which I've been unable to uplaod and enter into the contest because my computer has some sort of virus and Amazon happens to be the only website on the planet it won't load up. (A coincidence? Please!) I can log onto and, even Amazon in Japan! But Amazon in USA, no can do folks. That may never happen again in my lifetime. I'm now ordering books from B&N and instead.

Come on back and check out my 30 second Amazon ad next Monday. I don't think it would have won anyway for too many reasons, and It's not LOL funny, but I think it'll put a smile on your face. Poor Frankenstein, he's in trouble again folks. You'll see what I mean.