Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dracula, The Un-Dead "Sequel?"

I came across this book when it was first published last year and meant to buy it but for some reason it slipped through all the other more noticeable books of its time. I think I had balked at getting it because it has mostly negative reviews since it's touted as a sequel to the original and is anything but according to critics and purists.

Maybe so, but there's something about this version that intrigues me and makes me curious, especially since Dacre Stoker is its co-author, along with Ian Holt, a Dracula historian, I figure this has to be good, and I think it is in its own way. I'm waiting for my copy and will post my review here next month.

I did enjoy the opening to this story and I was drawn into it right away, plus the red book jacket is very appealing on this hardcover. The U.S. market paperback (yellow cover) was designed to look just like Bram Stoker's original, published in 1879.

More about the cover artwork in my review next month. More pix, more about the background to this amazing story, plus a whole bunch of weird stuff about the book.

So whatever happened to this review? Never got around to finishing this book, but working on that so I'll keep you posted on my progress. (Ahh, Fanghoul!)

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