Friday, July 16, 2010

Nerd Alert - Get Your Facebook Game Face On

OMG have you ever seen such an exciting dork-fest before? I mean, ever? My gosh, those Harvard boys sure know how to "par-tay" and rattle the proverbial cage. They're so sassy, so witty and so damn gay! How wonderful is that?

I think I'm going to love this movie! After all, what's not to like? It's ultra-white, super geeky, and ever so flamingly gay and happy. Don't you just love the way they enunciate every syllable? Makes you wonder if they're going to break out and do the robot dance to Styx' Mr. Roboto. Now wouldn't that be a blast?

It just can't get more Anglo Saxon than this! I think they should put out a "Black Folk Alert" just to warn all our dark-skinned friends, you know. You think they should include subtitles just for ghetto minorities like me? You know in Spanglish or Ebonics. That would be so cool, don't you think?

Gosh darnet, I know this movie will win an Oscar. After all, their PR firm says it will, so what's stopping it now? How exciting! I just can't wait till October to chat with all my Facebook buddies while we're waiting on line at the theater. That's going to be the best part, all the socializing and the snappy repartee to be had. ooogah!

OMG, this is huge! Don't you think?


You go Justin! (J.O.K.E.)

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