Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buh-bye Kindle! Look Out Nook...

Sorry Bezos, but I'm so happy I never bought a Kindle. So far I like the nook so much more and I'm hoping they improve the next model since I'd like to buy one but, now there's even more competition in the ebook Reader market, so I'll have to think again.

Say hello to Blio. Unlike other eReaders, this device displays books in full color via your computer or iPhone, for example. It's basically a software program that synchronizes with the internet so it's interactive too. Sounds interesting but it might still be in development stages. Hey, sometimes, it pays to procrastinate. I'm sure there are plenty more devices like this one on the way.

And as far as the Kindle goes, Bezos should not be shaking in his Eddie Bauer Penny Loafers yet. Just design a slicker, more appealing Kindle and you're back in the running. Now, is that so hard?

Check out the whole story on NPR.