Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can You Hear That Fantastic Whooshing Sound?

Two Authors Stick it to The Man!

Gotta love it folks. Authors like J.K. Rowlings and Seth Godin are finally taking control of their intellectual property and raking in big cash in the process. The process of digitizing their own books, that is.

The beauty of capitalism is that it works for one and all. Rich or poor, young or old, it doesn't matter. If you know how to market yourself and how to present your products, there's no one to stop you from making a good profit.

And that whooshing sound? That's the gust of wind from millions of authors rushing to do the same thing.

Right. The man's been sticking it to you. It's time to turn the tables.
Here are the articles:

J.K. Rowlings Cashes in: (Titles are mine.)

Seth Godin Sticks it To The Man--Hard!


BOOK TOUR ALERT: "A DEATH FOR BEAUTY" VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR STARTS THIS OCTOBER (Unless I change my mind again, which I doubt because I'm not getting any younger. Besides, with all this "sticking it to the man" going on, I'm inspired too.)

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