Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Infinite Tides by Christian Kiefer

The Infinite Tides from Christian Kiefer on Vimeo.

Here's a Book Video very reminiscent of that riff from the Thelma and Louise movie, or maybe the dramatic feel of the ending from Full Metal Jacket, as they hunted down a sniper. See the latest FMJ App with an exclusive behind the scenes tour from its star, Matthew Modine (below). Wow, that was a long time ago and the flashbacks are still vivid. Haunting me still folks. That explains a lot.

OK, back to The Infinite Tides book. This book has been out for months now but since I've been so busy I just came across it on Cormac McCarthy's site while looking for new novels by McCarthy. Fortunately I found this new book from a promising writer to tide (excuse the pun) me over until McCarthy releases some of his new work.

These days, I have to shop for books based on my favorite authors (which is a very short list) almost exclusively because I know I won't be disappointed otherwise since I barely have the time to read any more. Although, I think it's safe to say that I can add Kiefer to my short list of authors to read. I thought I'd post his book video here because it really speaks to the tone of his story about an astronaut in despair over the death of his daughter and abandonment from his wife. Nothing like a death in the family to shake marital issues up folks. I can identify with this story for other reasons too.

Kiefer's writing is fresh and crisp and unexpected, as he delves into mathematical equation speak without skipping a literary beat. The book is a meditation on matters of the heart and based on some of the reviews, delivers an upbeat ending. I have a feeling I'll be speed reading through the middle of this story.

Sorry Kiefer, I know that's a travesty to this exquisite literature, but I'll never get to the best part otherwise so I can post my review while your book is still topical. I've fallen behind a handful of books, to include Toni Morrison's, Home. Luckily, that's a novella.

I did manage to finish Steve Jobs Bio since I can skip around a bit, but still have quite a few unfinished books to get to. Some day I hope to really retire in earnest and re-read all my favorite books, savoring every word this time around. Meanwhile, if you want to sample Christian Kiefer's new labor of love, The Infinite Tides, check it out here:

And stay tuned for my review of this book, hopefully next month or sooner. I've got quite a few observations about Kiefer's approach I'd like to discuss, including some interesting comparisons to other well-known books.

Dig it bro. Peace out. (Does anyone really say that anymore? Well, I just did.)