Monday, March 9, 2015


Apple Watch - Don't you want it?
Shopping for a watch? Well ... Invicta Watches, move over. The Apple Watch is here(!) Today Apple, Inc. unveils is long-awaited Apple wristwatch to the world and in particular, to its millions of loyal, fanatical consumers. You know, all those folks who wait on forever lines outside Apple stores to get the latest and greatest version of the next iPhone, etc., etc.
Right. Those kind of folk.

It's nauseating. Repulsive. And yes, very American. The Apple culture, that is. Say what you will about Apple, Inc. and its fanatical consumer base, beginning with its loyal, cult-like workforce, this company knows how to market and sell stuff you don't really need, but really want.

How do they make you want it? For starters, every news media and blog on earth is talking about it (great publicity and social proof). So, just watch this slick presentation (advertisement) for the new Apple Wristwatch and see why you'll want it. This is no ordinary watch. It's a fashion statement, a status symbol, a jewel, a bracelet you just gotta have.

Did Invicta Watches create this market?
I hate wristwatches. But I love the Apple wristwatch and I want one, right now. For those who can afford another fashion accessory and tech gadget, all rolled into one. Go for it. Because if you ever wanted to be like the cool kids, this is your moment.

Now, can someone pass me a barf bag, please. Thank you. Thank you very much, indeed.

Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, but it's great to be American, and this is why.